Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Milnerton Market

This weekend we made a little trip to check out the Milnerton Market. It was quite a fun experience. I would rather call it the 'Hipster Market' as the stuff on sale there are all very old and very very second hand. When I say very very second hand, it looks like its hand me downs, which have been handed down through about 10 generations.

The people are genuine and real. You can see the life in their faces and eyes. Old wrinkly faces that speak out the harshness their of life, leathery skin telling you about all the long days spent in the sun, red vain infused faces revealing the secretes about years of alcohol abuse, the smell of burnt wood lingers with the hangover from last nights braai. The stuff that they sell tell their own little story about the person, where they have been, what they like and characteristics of their personality.

Walking around there was fun, the people were friendly, they were always willing to help you and great you with a smile. The rest of the country could learn a thing or two from these people about service. It is so much nicer to be greeted and asked if you need help, rather than to stand there with a sour face and not even acknowledge my presence in your store, where I probably wont by anything, because of your crappy attitude.

Well enough of that! I can go on forever about South Africas shitty service..

If you haven't been to the market yet, be sure to make a mission there at least once! Its a reall cool market and I am sure you will find a gem or two there.

Have a look at some of the pictures I took of stuff on sale at the market!!


Friday, 6 July 2012


The place where every bodyboarder and surfer dreams of going to... BALI!!!!!!!!

Last year this time me and my fiance booked our tickets for Bali, and man was I stoked!
So many years have gone by of me dreaming of going there and just surfing and enjoying the tropical lifestyle. So many years I have said to myself this year I'm going no matter what and it just never happened.. There was always an excuse or a reason, but finally we had secured our tickets and we had to wait 5months until we depart on our adventure. It was deferentially the longest 5months I had to wait in my life, but totally worth it!

When we got on the plane I couldn't believe that the day had actually came and we are about to fly 26hours to Bali. Our adventure had started!

When we were coming down to land in Bali I was so out of it and couldn't believe that we are actually here, as it is almost impossible for me to sleep on a plane. Then I saw the first break in Bali.. 
Airport Lefts!

Now I knew that this is the reality and our dream of coming to Bali has finally come true!
 We were in the surf capital of the world.

Stepping off that plane the heat hits you in the face and you know you are in paradise.
We bought our visas and went through immigration, found our taxi driver and we were on our way to Uluwatu, our first and only booked accommodation of our trip. 

The idea was to not book anything for our trip and just mission around until we decided that this is an awesome spot and we want to stay here!

Uluwatu is so beautiful and amazing. There you are surrounded by the sickest surf you could ever imagine! Uluwatu point break, The Jbay left of Bali, Padang Padang, Dreamlands, Impossibles, Greenballs, Nyang Nyang, Temples and the list goes on.

When we booked into our place we got a scooter and went on a little adventure to go explore our surroundings and man were we blown away by this place. The people are friendly the weather was awesome and the waves were perfect, and when I say perfect, I mean perfect every single day!!
Even when its small its still perfect. I surfed everyday 3 times a day and would've surfed at night if it was possible.

After Uluwatu we made a mission to the city Kuta. The city is extremely busy and very westernised compared to Uluwatu. The traffic is crazy and driving around in the traffic there on a scooter is even more crazy, but a fun experience none the less. We got lost on our first day and drove around in this city for about 5hours trying to find our hotel. Eventually we found it and now knew the city fairly well. In the city everyone tries to sell you stuff non stop and never take no for an answer. When you say I'll buy it later, they will ask what time.. haha! But they are really friendly so I'll give them that.

When our time was up in the city we decided to do some island hopping, so we packed our stuff and grabbed a taxi to a little cove called Padang Bai. This is where you can catch a ferry to the neighbouring islands like the Gili island and Lombok. We were heading to Lombok the next day so we booked onto a hotel in the small little town. Padang Bai is more of a diver destination, where you can go scuba some of the worlds best scuba spots. The next morning we grabbed our bags and set out to catch the first ferry of the day. With so many people trying to sell us stuff or offer service. We got on the ferry and now we had to chill out for a 4hour slow moving ferry. To be honest there were some random and dodgy characters on this ferry. Eventually we both fell asleep and we were just outside the port when we woke. 

When we disembarked the ferry we had no idea of how we were going to get to where we didn't know we were going. Eventually we got a taxi and we set off to the world famous dessert point. 

He took us to a spot where we had to catch another boat to a small island called Secrete Island. When we arrived on the island the prices for the rooms were pretty crap and the boat services to the surf spots were even more expensive, so we got back on the boat to headed to the main land again. Where we found out from the driver that dessert point isn't picking up any swell.. 

We made the call to skip dessert point and head to Kuta Lombok which was another hour and a half drive there. We eventually arrived there at 6pm, after beginning our mission at 7am. We hired a scooter and went exploring a bit. The next day it was time for a little surf and found that we had to get a boat to take us to the surf spots only to find that the spots are super crowded. The captain of the boat took us out and he took us to this amazing right hand break called outsides, where we found only 4 people out. When I asked him why there was so little people out compared to the other spots he said that the people are scared of the wave.. 


This wave was awesome, but compared to South Africa reef breaks.. Doesn't stand a chance! At least I was surfing an uncrowded wave in Bali and I was pretty stoked!

We were planning on heading to Sumbawa in the next couple of days, and I was keeping an eye on the swell to make sure that we get there when it hits. It was looking good for the first couple of days, and expected some good swell to hit that side, but when I woke the last morning of our stay in Kuta Lombok and checked the report.. There was nothing.. No swell what so ever and it bummed me out big time!!

When I was surfing in Lombok I over heard some Ausies saying that theres some epic swell heading towards Uluwatu in the next two days, we made the call to head on back there. I also over hear them saying that domestic flights are super cheap. It worked out to be much cheaper to fly back than to travel with a taxi, catch the ferry, grab another taxi and loose a whole day just because of travelling.
So we went to the local travel agency/internet cafe, booked our tickets and headed to the airport.

At the airport we checked in and took a walk around looking for a shop to buy some snacks. As I was walking along, I felt something walking across my chest and didn't think much of it, probably just a harmless bug, grabbed it and threw it to the ground and only after I had thrown it, I thought to myself that, that was a rather big bug. I looked down searching for what I just grabbed.. Sure as hell, it was a highly venomous scorpion. 

If it had stung me I didn't really know what I would've done, as I wasn't really prepared for such an situation. I had a medical aid bag with pretty much everything you can think of in there, but nothing that would've helped for that. Anyway, just happy that it didn't happen.

We got on our plane and we were on our way back to Denpasar. Flying over the islands you can just see endless breaks scattered all over the place!! What a slice of heaven. 

Upon arrival back at Uluwatu, the swell had arrived and it was time to hit Padang Padang. Very heavy and super shallow razor sharp reef.. I was in my element!! With only me and four other boogers out, and pushing in at 6ft, we were getting pitted like never before! Only when high-tide was almost in full swing a whole bunch of other surfers came out. On my last wave it closed out on me, with me being super deep on the inside, the inevitable happened.. Wave closes and my lower back meets reef.. It cut my back pretty bad, but I was prepared for it, so cleaned it nicely, and was back out there the next day!

Here are some shots I took on our trip. I do wish I took more photos, but there wasn't time to waste outside the water, when there are waves every single day.